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  • Automated Magnetic Bead Based Extraction

    Manual DNA extraction methods are often very time-consuming and the outcome (success) strongly depends on the experience of the laboratory staff, the extraction method and the sample matrix. The extraction of nucleic acids is a major challenge for food labs caused by the high variability of sample matrices. Inhibitory substances like alcohols (ethanol, isopropanol), tensids […]

  • Easy examination of a successful DNA extraction

    Allergens, GMO and/or animal DNA often are not detected in food samples. To avoid false–negative results a few controls are recommended. Positive control shows that the real-time PCR system works, inhibition control shows there is no false–negative result caused by inhibition. But how to exclude that the result is caused by an incorrect DNA extraction? […]

  • Customer information SureFast® PREP DNA/RNA Virus

    Herewith CONGEN would like to inform all consumers of the extraction kit SureFast® PREP DNA/RNA Virus (Art.No.: F1051) of plannend changes in October 2015. The conversion is related to a change of colour of the Spin Filter Set from clear to pink. This change is an optical one only and has no influence on the […]