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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are contagious diseases that are mainly transmitted through sexual contact. In addition, a sexually transmitted infection can be transmitted through the blood or through breastfeeding. Pathogens, such as bacteria or parasites, are responsible for transmission.
There are more than 30 different STIs worldwide. Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea and trichomonads are particularly common. In 2016, approximately 370 million people worldwide became infected with these four sexually transmitted infections.
Many sexually transmitted diseases can be cured if the human pathogenic microorganisms are correctly identified at an early stage. This can reduce new infections through transmission as well as consequential damage for the patient.

Detection Methods

The multiplex real-time PCR kits within the RIDA®GENE product line detect the most important pathogens through simple and rapid screening. In addition to specific pathogen detection, the sensitive tests include an internal control (ICD or ICR). This control is used for extraction and/or amplification control. Since the tests can be used on all common real-time devices and have the same temperature profile, it is possible to check several parameters with one PCR test.

CONGEN manufactures medical devices in accordance with DIN ISO 13485 that enable rapid detection of various human pathogens. As required by DIN ISO 13485, the CE-certified tests are evaluated through regular participation in INSTAND and QCMD Proficiency Tests.

The products for the detection of STIs are available worldwide through R-Biopharm.


Available test kits

Bacteria - STI
RIDA®GENE STI Mycoplasma PanelPG4945
Parasites - STI
RIDA®GENE Trichomonas vaginalis PG4975
Reagents & Control Sets - STI
RIDA®GENEColor Compensation Kit IPG0001
RIDA®GENEColor Compensation Kit IVPG0004

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