Verify your Cycler

// for all commercially available real-time PCR devices

// temperature check and material monitoring


​Is your PCR device working correctly?

Laboratories are subject to high internal and external quality standards. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 15189, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, GMP and GLP guidelines, regular control of the test equipment is necessary. The SureCycle® kit is suitable for routine testing of real-time PCR devices in all laboratories.

Each PCR reaction is essentially defined by the primer sequence and a PCR protocol with specific temperature and time intervals. Reproducible results can therefore only be obtained if the temperature control of the thermal cycler is correct. False negative and false positive results can have far-reaching consequences.

SureCycle® – Verification of your PCR system

The new SureCycle® system has been specially developed for the verification of real-time PCR systems. With the help of the SureCycle® system, even the smallest temperature fluctuations of the thermal cycler can be detected.

Unlike conventional probe-based kits to verify correct temperature control, SureCycle® is designed to verify the entire real-time PCR system. This means that the thermal cycler is checked in combination with the chosen plastic material.

The SureCycle® system is a temperature-sensitive duplex real-time PCR in which the primer bonds are unstabilised. The test is sensitive to insufficient denaturation of the DNA caused by a denaturation temperature that is too low (‘undershooting’). The system is also sensitive to a too high annealing temperature (‘overshooting’). Both events reduce the efficiency of the PCR reaction. Two different thermal profiles can be set to check the denaturation and annealing temperature. If the Cp value of the reference reaction is within the target range, the real-time PCR will not show any temperature errors.

The SureCycle® kit (Art. No. F4001) contains all necessary reagents to carry out the real-time PCR check.

The method can be used with all commercially available real-time PCR devices that can detect at least two reporter dyes in FAM and VIC/HEX simultaneously.

Do you use the SureFood®, SureFast® or RIDA®GENE real-time PCR test product ranges? SureCycle® provides you with the optimal function test.

All Advantages at a Glance

  • Fast – Specific – Safe
  • Easy handling
  • Test of the plastic material used
  • Verification of annealing and denaturation temperature
  • Usable for all common real-time PCR instruments, both block and rotor cyclers

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