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Digitalization at CONGEN – step by step towards a more climate-friendly future

Introduction of electronic documents (eIFU)

Sustainability and the careful treatment of our environment are important to us.

From 2024, CONGEN will gradually introduce electronic documents (eIFU – electronic Instructions of Use = User Manuals), which will completely replace the attachment of these documents to our products.

The following documents will be successively:

  • User Manual
  • MSDS
  • QAC
  • Transport certificate

about the products provided digitally.

However, information about important product changes (yellow change notes) will continue to be included with the products in paper form.

Paper is a natural raw material that requires a lot of energy and water to produce. Saving paper therefore also means conserving resources.

In addition to the environmental benefit, the new electronic system enables a better overview and easier search of documents. All production lots and the associated documents for an item can be seen at a glance.

Access to the documents is therefore no longer tied to one location, but can be accessed from anywhere.

For us at CONGEN, this change opens up more efficient workflows internally, as manual processes such as: B. Printing out, bracketing and attaching the documents are no longer necessary. The occurrence of errors is minimized by the four-eye principle.

New label layout

As part of this change, the product labels will also be gradually updated. The image accompanying the post shows an example. The most important information is presented uniformly and clearly. Each label will also contain an integrated QR code that will allow access to the eIFU portal. All lot-specific documents such as user manual, QAC (Quality Assurance certificate), transport certificate and, if necessary, MSDS can be accessed there at any time and worldwide.