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Food Allergens

Labelling of allergenic food ingredients is extremely important for people who suffer from food allergies. The legal basis for the labelling of allergens is provided by the Food Information Regulation (EU) 1169/2011. Annex II lists the 14 most important allergenic food ingredients that must be labelled by manufacturers. In contrast, there is no mandatory labelling rule for traces of allergens unintentionally introduced into the food.

Traces of allergens can enter the product during storage, through contamination of raw materials, during production or even during transport. Many manufacturers therefore use statements on the label such as “May contain traces of…” as a precautionary measure for reasons of product liability. Such labelling leads to a restriction of food choices for people suffering from allergies, although it remains unclear whether allergenic ingredients are actually detectable in the final product. The introduction of threshold values for labelling allergenic traces based on clinical studies has therefore been discussed for several years.

The VITAL concept from Australia and New Zealand defines reference doses for the most important allergens and could therefore also be used for uniform labelling throughout Europe in the future.

Allergen detection or detection of allergenic components is a central part of food analysis. Sensitive and specific methods for the detection of allergenic contaminants are needed to protect consumers. The SureFood® ALLERGEN product range enables sensitive and specific detection of food allergens (allergenic components) and their quantification with a real-time PCR test. For quantification, SureFood® QUANTARD Allergen 40 is a reference material that offers the possibility to quantify 1 to 400 mga allergenic component/kg food.

The basis for sensitive detection is purified nucleic acid extracts. These can be obtained via automated extraction or column purification. For this purpose, CONGEN offers a selection of suitable and validated extraction kits.​


Plant Differentiation

The majority of food allergens are plants or plant ingredients. Analytical plant differentiation is also significant in terms of food fraud. The increasing scarcity of high-quality and expensive raw materials of plant origin is increasingly leading to the use of cheaper alternatives, such as replacing high-quality wasabi with a mustard mix or substituting basmati rice with cheaper normal rice.

As a result, CONGEN has developed SureFast® plant detection, which provides suitable and rapid methods for plant differentiation to detect product fraud or botanical impurities, or to distinguish between the two.

All products for the detection of food allergens and plants can be used on common real-time PCR devices.


Available test kits

Food Allergens DNA - Extraction
SureFast® Mag PREP Food / magnetic bead-based extraction - Magnetic Bead basierte ExtraktionF1060
SureFood® PREP BasicS1052
SureFood® PREP AdvancedS1053
SureFood® PREP Add-OnS1055
Food Allergens - Multiplex
SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Soya/Celery/Mustard+IACS3401
SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Peanut/Hazelnut/Walnut+IACS3402
SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Macadamia/Brazil Nut/Pecan+IACS3403
SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Almond/Pistachio/Cashew +IACS3406
SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex EU Nuts S3404
SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Cereals S7006
SureFood® 4plex LEGUMES S7008
Food Allergens - Qualitative and Quantitative Detection
SureFood® Apricot / AprikoseS7007
SureFood® ALLERGEN Almond / MandelS3604
SureFood® ALLERGEN Beechnut / BucheckerS3628
SureFood® ALLERGEN Brazil Nut / ParanussS3617
SureFood® ALLERGEN Buckwheat / BuchweizenS3620
SureFood® ALLERGEN Cashew / KaschunussS3615
SureFood® ALLERGEN Celery / SellerieS3605
SureFood® ALLERGEN Crustaceans / KrustentiereS3612
SureFood® ALLERGEN Fish / FischS3610
SureFood® ALLERGEN Gluten S3606
SureFood® ALLERGEN Hazelnut / HaselnussS3602
SureFood® ALLERGEN Insects / InsektenS3626
SureFood® ALLERGEN Lupin / LupineS3611
SureFood® ALLERGEN Macadamia
SureFood® ALLERGEN Molluscs / MolluskenS3613
SureFood® ALLERGEN Mustard / Senf S3609
SureFood® ALLERGEN Oat / HaferS7004
SureFood® ALLERGEN Peanut / ErdnussS3603
SureFood® ALLERGEN Pecan / PecannussS3618
SureFood® ALLERGEN Pine Nut / PinienkerneS3624
SureFood® ALLERGEN Pistachio / PistazieS3614
SureFood® ALLERGEN Sesame / SesamS3608
SureFood® ALLERGEN Soya / SojaS3601
SureFood® ALLERGEN Shea Nut / SheanussS3622
SureFood® ALLERGEN Walnut / WalnussS3607
Contol sets
SureCycle® System Verification/ Cycler VerifizierungF4001
SureFast® Animal+Plant Control 3plexF4053
SureFood® QUANTARD Allergen 40S3301

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