Food ALLERGENS & Plants

// qualitative and quantitative detection methods

// more than 20 years of expertise in development & validation

genetically modified organisms

// screening, identification and quantification of GMOs

// more than 20 years of expertise in development & validation

Food Microbiology

// screening & identification of microorganisms by real-time PCR

// evidence for water analysis

Animal Species

// identification, differentiation and quantification of animal species

// more than 20 years of expertise in development & validation

Food Analysis

The safety of food with regard to the presence of allergenic substances or microorganisms is a high priority for consumers and producers. Furthermore, the provision of information on the composition of foodstuffs and thus the protection of consumers from fraud is an established statutory right. To maintain confidence in ingredients and ensure safety, CONGEN provides methods of analysis that have been developed based on the current state of the art. CONGEN products can be used with all real-time PCR cyclers available.

CONGEN Produkte - Allergene


The SureFood® ALLERGEN product range facilitates the sensitive, specific detection of allergy-triggering ingredients and their quantification using reference material with a known concentration.

CONGEN Produkte - GVO


Our extensive SureFood® GMO product range provides rapid, real-time PCR methods for simple screening of genetic control elements and markers, as well as identification and quantification assays.

CONGEN Produkte - Mikroorganismen


Whether they are time-saving multiplex applications, screening methods or single detections, all of our SureFast® detection methods in the field of microbiology are available as a product for use in private laboratories.
CONGEN Produkte - Tierartennachweis

Animal Species

With the SureFood® ANIMAL or FISH product range, CONGEN makes available effective and rapid PCR methods for the qualitative and quantitative detection of various species of animal.

CONGEN - SureCycle System Verifikation


With SureCycle®, CONGEN offers a system for routine testing and verification of the correct functioning of real-time PCR devices in accordance with ISO 20836:2005 in private laboratories.

CONGEN Extraktion DNA / RNA

Nucleic acid extraction

Purified and concentrated nucleic acids are the basis for successful PCR analyses. Whether manual extraction or automation, CONGEN provides a range of extraction kits.