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  • Since its founding in 1998, CONGEN Biotechnologie GmbH has been an innovative Berlin biotechnology company in the field of molecular DNA and RNA analysis. Our core competency is the development and application of real-time PCR methods for food- and wateranalyses, clinical and Point-of-care diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Each detection method is developed by us in house and validated in respect of the requirements of standards, customers and/or the market. Our products are marketed worldwide by us and our distribution partner R-Biopharm under the brand names SureFood®, SureFast®, RIDA® GENE and RIDA® PRECISION.

    As a competence laboratory, we offer our customers a number of accredited analysis procedures in our service laboratory and our approved S2 laboratory.

  • Food Analysis

    CONGEN  provides procedures in the field of food & feed analysis for the detection of allergenic substances, genetically engineered modifications, microorganisms and for animal and plant species identification. Our services are also being expanded into the field of veterinary diagnostics.

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  • Clinical Diagnostics

    Products in our clinical range include detection kits in the field of nosocomial and respiratory diagnostics, sexually transmitted diseases, stool diagnostics and periodontitis diagnostics. The detection methods we provide are produced in accordance with medical standards (DIN ISO 13485).

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  • Personalized Medicine

    Personalized medicine aims to identify these sources and to adapt the treatment to the individual needs. Modern diagnostics enables physicians also to take into account the genetic, molecular and cellular specifics of a patient and to precisely determine the right therapy.

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    For information on current developments, innovative products and/or services and other important information, we recommend you visit our news pages regularly.

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  • Partnering

    You are looking for a partner in the area of clinical diagnostics, point-of-care diagnostics, biomarker testing or food and feed diganostics?

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    Have you any questions about our range of products or services? Do you require further information? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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