Point of Care

// CONGEN develops and produces more than 5 million PCR beads

// customized assays according to customer requirements

Research & Development

// over 20 years of experience in development and validation

// more than 300 completed development projects

Clinical Diagnostics

// diagnostic detection kits developed in Germany
// unique-reproducible-sensitive

Food Analysis

// identification & quantification of relevant parameters
// fast-specific-secure


// founded in 1998
// in the heart of the science campus Berlin

Welcome to CONGEN

Since its founding in 1998, CONGEN Biotechnologie GmbH has been an innovative Berlin biotechnology company in the field of molecular DNA and RNA analysis. Our core competency is the development and application of real-time PCR methods for food- and water analyses, clinical and point-of-care diagnostics as well as personalised medicine in the context of companion diagnostics. Each detection method is developed by us in house and verified in respect of the requirements of standards, customers and/or the market.

Our products are marketed worldwide by us and our distribution partner R-Biopharm under the brand names SureFood®, SureFast®, RIDA®GENE and RIDA®PRECISION, which can be used on all common real-time PCR devices.

CONGEN Produkte - Lebensmittelanalytik

Food Analysis

CONGEN offers numerous methods in the field of food and feed analysis for nucleic acid extraction and detection of allergenic substances, genetically modified organisms, microorganisms (viruses, bacteria,…) and for the identification of animal and plant species.

CONGEN Biotechnologie - Klinische Diagnostik

Clinical Diagnostics

Products in our clinical range include detection kits in the field of nosocomial and respiratory diagnostics, sexually transmitted diseases, stool diagnostics and periodontitis diagnostics. The detection methods we provide are produced in accordance with medical standards (DIN ISO 13485).

CONGEN Produkte - Personalisierte Medizin

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine aims to identify these sources and to adapt the treatment to the individual needs. Modern diagnostics enables physicians also to take into account the genetic, molecular and cellular specifics of a patient and to precisely determine the right therapy.

CONGEN Biotechnologie Forschung und Entwicklung

Research & Development

Design and validation of multiplexed real-time PCR methods based on customer requirements or unsolved analytical problems.


News & Events

Current developments, novel products, events and information from the field of science can be found on our news page.

CONGEN - Unternehmen


Since 1998 CONGEN Biotechnologie GmbH is located at the science campus Berlin Buch in the north of Berlin.

“Small enough to be flexible and fast,

big enough to meet every customer requirement.”

Leading in the development of real-time PCR based detection methods
Development of user-friendly solutions for your analytical problem
Specialist in design, validation and commercialization of multiplexed applications
Compliance with the highest quality standards is a matter of course

Latest News​ – Congen Biotechnologie GmbH

Qualitative and quantitative detection of molluscs DNA

Qualitative and quantitative detection of molluscs DNA

The mollusc family is a diverse group of invertebrates. It includes 50,000-60,000 species, including: snails (Gastropodae), mussels (Bivalvia) and cephalopods (Cephalopodae). Suitable for consumption are squids, mussels, oysters and some species of snails…

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Increase in GMO Canola

Increase in GMO Canola

Food containing GMOs must be approved in the EU. In Germany, the federal states are responsible for monitoring the placing on the market of GMOs and products made from them. Results of the official analyzes in Baden-Württemberg In 2022 A total of 546 food samples were...

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