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​Periodontitis Diagnostics

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontium caused by bacteria and the body’s inflammatory response – and is one of the most common human diseases. Advanced disease can lead to tooth loss. In addition to an individual tendency to inflammation, it is particularly periodontitis-associated germs that influence the course and severity of the disease. From pain-sensitive teeth to bleeding gums and tooth loss, a targeted periodontitis diagnosis enables appropriate treatment and therapy.

Depending on the presence of specific pathogens, antibiotic therapy may be necessary concomitantly. The determination of the individual oral flora is very helpful for the choice of a suitable antibiotic and the subsequent examination of the success of the therapy.

Detection Methods

The rapid and sensitive detection of the most important periodontitis pathogens within periodontitis diagnostics is possible with the multiplex real-time PCR detection methods from CONGEN.

The test kits are equipped with an internal control DNA for inhibition and extraction control. The standard DNA contained in the kits is used for quantification. Pathogen-specific calibrators can be used to calculate the bacterial counts in the sample.

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Available test kits

Bacteria - Periodontitis Diagnostics
SureFast® Actinomyces PLUS RUO Research Use OnlyC5817RUO
SureFast® Bacteria Screen RUO Research Use OnlyC7123RUO
SureFast® Candida Screen PLUS RUO Research Use OnlyC5802RUO
SureFast® Parodontitis AFP 4plex RUO Research Use OnlyC5610RUO
SureFast® Parodontitis TTP 4plex RUO Research Use OnlyC5611RUO
SureFast® Parodontitis PEC 4plex RUO Research Use OnlyC5612RUO

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