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Qualitative and quantitative detection of molluscs DNA

The mollusc family is a diverse group of invertebrates. It includes 50,000-60,000 species, including: snails (Gastropodae), mussels (Bivalvia) and cephalopods (Cephalopodae). Suitable for consumption are squids, mussels, oysters and some species of snails, which are also processed to be used in deli salads, Asian dishes and more spice mixtures.

Molluscs and allergens

However, the presence of molluscs DNA is not only important for the food industry, but can also trigger negative health effects. Some people are allergic to certain species of molluscs, which can lead to serious health problems.

Due to their high allergenic potential, the molluscs are classified as allergens that require labeling, according to the Food Information Regulation (EU) 1169/2011.

Due to the trading of raw materials, storage and production processes, cross-contamination along this process chain cannot be excluded. Quantitative methods and reference material are the prerequisite for quality assurance and the correct labeling of food.

Detection of molluscs DNA

By detecting and quantifying molluscs DNA, food manufacturers and laboratories can ensure that their products comply with regulations and consumers are protected.

CONGEN offers a real-time PCR test that enables the sensitive and specific detection of molluscs DNA in food and feed. After a revision of the SureFood® ALLERGEN Molluscs kit it is now also possible to detect the order of octopuses (Octopoda), based on an improved sensitivity.

Combined with the SureFood® PREP Advanced kit, depending on the matrix, degree of processing and DNA content detection limits of up to 0.4 mg/kg can be achieved.

Quantitative evidence

Also, with the revised SureFood® ALLERGEN Molluscs kit the quantification of 1 to 400 mg of molluscs DNA/kg of food is possible in combination with the comparison material SureFood® QUANTARD Allergen 40. The limit of quantification is 1 mg/kg using protocol 1 of the SureFood® PREP Advanced kit.

All relevant documents regarding the SureFood® ALLERGEN Molluscs detection system can be downloaded directly via this link.