Nosocomial infections

// Detection & differentiation of human pathogens

Sexually transmitted diseases

// Detection & differentiation of STI

Periodontal Diagnostics

// Targeted & specific analysis

Respiratory diagnostics

// Identification & differentiation of respiratory diseases

Stool diagnostics

// Detection & differentiation of gastrointestinal microorganisms

Clinical Diagnostics

For a number of diseases, a rapid, accurate and above all unambiguous diagnosis is a basic prerequisite for implementing a targeted therapy for patients and attending physicians. The availability of suitable detection methods and above all their quality with regard to specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility are the basis for clinical diagnoses. The detection methods provided are developed on the basis of current studies and specific requirements and produced in accordance with the medical standard (DIN ISO 13485).

CONGEN - Respiratorische Diagnostik

Respiratory Diagnostics

A differential diagnosis of acute respiratory infections may preface a targeted treatment of the disease. The user- friendly RIDA®GENE products, manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards, facilitate the rapid and sensitive detection of human pathogens.

CONGEN Produkte - Nosokomiale Infektionen

Nosocomial Infections

A rapid and conclusive diagnosis of nosocomial infection can significantly reduce the risk of the infection spreading and ensure the patient receives the correct treatment. RIDA®GENE products facilitate the sensitive, specific detection of human pathogens which may trigger a hospital-associated infection or gastroenteritis.

CONGEN - Stuhldiagnostik

Stool diagnostics

A wide range of pathogens can cause severe gastroenteritis in humans. RIDA®GENE stool diagnostic products can be used on all available real-time PCR devices and facilitate the conclusive and rapid detection of pathogens.

CONGEN Produkte - Hautkrankheiten & Geschlechtskrankheiten

sexually transmitted infections

A conclusive diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) facilitates early and targeted treatment. In this way consequential injury for the patient can be reduced. Whether you are interested in the rapid detection of bacteria or funguses, RIDA®GENE products provide unambiguous results with high sensitivity.

CONGEN Produkte - Paradontitis Diagnostik

Periodontitis Diagnostics

A targeted and specific analysis of microbial flora in the gingival pockets is necessary for the correct treatment of parodontitis. The real-time PCR kits in the SureFast® Parodontitis product range facilitate the rapid and sensitive detection of the microorganisms which can cause parodontitis and these kits can be used flexibly in routine diagnostics