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5 million PCR beads for PoC applications

CONGEN supplies more than 5 million PCR beads since 2020 for PoC applications from various manufacturers

The trend in the molecular diagnostic field towards all-in-one platforms has been ongoing for several years. All-in-one platform means that the nucleic acid purification is combined with the desired assay and a result is available after a short analysis time of 30-45 min. Applications are diverse and can include a wide range of indications from respiratory diseases to nosocomial infections, sexually transmitted diseases and antibiotic resistance testing.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic beginning in early 2020 has increased the development of PoC applications. Rapid and efficient testing directly on site in mobile testing stations, e.g., at airports, highway rest stops, or on cruise ships, makes an important contribution to breaking chains of infection and rapid identification of asymptomatically ill individuals. Tested individuals receive a reliable result directly within a very short time. By pooling several samples, analysis can be performed much more efficiently. Laboratories can be relieved and working and traveling becomes safer. Another advantage is the easy handling of the tests. For the SARS-CoV-2 test, a sample is taken with a swab from the throat or nose and placed in the test cartridge. The cartridge contains all the reagents needed to further process the sample fully automatically in the PoC instrument.

“Small enough to be flexible and fast,

big enough to meet every customer requirement”


CONGEN has been able to use its many years of expertise in the design and validation of multiplexed real-time PCR methods in the field of infectious disease diagnostics to develop and produce customized tests for various PoC manufacturers.
We proudly look back on more than 5 million PCR beads delivered in the past two years.
The extremely fast adaptation of our manufacturing processes as well as production and shipping capacities with the involvement of the entire CONGEN team set the course for this great success. As an innovative company, we therefore see ourselves well prepared for upcoming challenges.
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