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Infectious diarrhoeal diseases are among the most common forms of illness and can be triggered by a variety of viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens. According to the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), gastroenteritis caused by noroviruses, rotaviruses and Campylobacter species were among the five most common notifiable infectious diseases in Germany in 2019.

Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and small intestine; occasionally, the large intestine is also affected by the inflammation. Symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain and sometimes fever. Gastrointestinal infections usually clear up on their own within a few days; however, they can be potentially dangerous for certain populations such as newborns, young children, immunocompromised or elderly people. The different pathogens cannot be distinguished from each other by their symptoms. A quick and reliable clinical diagnosis is therefore very important – the shorter the time for a diagnosis, the lower the risk of long-term complications.

Detection Methods

The multiplex real-time PCR kits within the RIDA®GENE product line detect the most important pathogens through simple and rapid screening. In addition to specific pathogen detection, the sensitive tests include an internal control (ICD or ICR). This control is used for extraction and/or amplification control. Since the tests can be used on all common real-time devices and have the same temperature profile, it is possible to check several parameters with one PCR test. As required by DIN ISO 13485, the CE-certified tests are evaluated through regular participation in INSTAND and QCMD Proficiency Tests.

The products for the detection of infectious diarrhoeal diseases are available worldwide through R-Biopharm.

Available test kits

Bacteria - Stool diagnostics
RIDA®GENE Akkermansia muciniphilaPG0145
RIDA®GENE Bacterial Stool Panel Campylobacter spp. (C. coli, C. lari, C. jejuni) / Salmonella spp. / Yersinia enterocoliticaPG2405
RIDA®GENE Bacterial Stool Panel I STEC / Salmonella spp. / EIEC/Shigella spp. / Campylobacter spp.PG2415
RIDA®GENE Clostridium difficilePG0835
RIDA®GENE E. coli Stool Panel I virulence factor EPEC / STEC (stx1, stx2, eae)PG2285
RIDA®GENE Faecalibacterium prausnitziiPG0155
RIDA®GENE Gut BalancePG0105
RIDA®GENE Helicobacter pyloriPG2305
RIDA®GENE Hospital Stool Panel Norovirus (geno group I and II) / Rotavirus / Clostridium difficile toxin - genes A (tcdA) /B (tcdB)PG0705
Parasites - Stool diagnostics
RIDA®GENE Dientamoeba fragilis PG1745
RIDA®GENE Parasitic Stool Panel I Giardia lamblia / Cryptosporidium spp. / Entamoeba histolytica / Dientamoeba fragilisPG1715
RIDA®GENE Parasitic Stool Panel II Giardia lamblia / Cryptosporidium spp. / Entamoeba histolyticaPG1725
Viruses - Stool diagnostics
RIDA®GENE Enterovirus PG4705
RIDA®GENE Norovirus PG1405
RIDA®GENE Norovirus I & IIPG1415
RIDA®GENE Sapovirus PG1605
RIDA®GENE Viral Stool Panel I Norovirus / Rotavirus / Adenovirus / AstrovirusPG1315
RIDA®GENE Viral Stool Panel II Rotavirus / Adenovirus / AstrovirusPG1325
RIDA®GENE Viral Stool Panel III Norovirus / Rotavirus / Adenovirus PG1335
Reagents & Control Sets - Stool Diagnostics
RIDA®GENEColor Compensation Kit IPG0001
RIDA®GENEColor Compensation Kit IVPG0004

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