Qualitatively high-value reagents and calibration units for the analysis devices used are the basis for obtaining the best possible results. They allow most real-time PCR devices available on the market to be optimally adjusted and calibrated.

Note: All products can be ordered directly from us. Should you have additional need for PCR reagents, please contact us directly using our contact form.

multiplex products

  • SureCycle®

    System Verification

    order ID F4001

    category: device calibration, multiplex

  • SureFast® Animal+Plant Control 3plex

    Extraction control & differentiation plant and vertebrate DNA

    order ID F4053

    category: multiplex

other products

  • SureCC Color Compensation Kit I

    color compensation for 4plex application on LC480 I & II

    order ID F4009

    category: device calibration

  • SureCC Color Compensation Kit II

    color compensation for 3plex applications on LC2.0

    order ID F4010

    category: device calibration

  • SureFast® Extraction Control

    order ID F8002

    category: extraction, PCR reagents

  • SureFast® Mag PREP Food

    magnetic bead-based extraction

    order ID F1060

    category: extraction

  • SureFast® Master Probe PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control) 500 reactions

    order ID F4007-2

    category: PCR reagents

  • SureTaq - Hotstart Taq Polymerase

    1000 units

    order ID F4004

    category: PCR reagents

  • SureTaq - Hotstart Taq Polymerase

    100 units

    order ID F4005

    category: PCR reagents

NOTE: In the field of accessories CONGEN do not offer services.

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