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  • Animal identification (Animal ID) – methods and a new research project

      Not only after the big horse meat scandal in 2013 national and private laboratories need detection methods to identify animal species. Specific rapid methods are neccesary to detect unknown or undeclared animal species to avoid contamination (halal/kosher) product adulteration (beef? horse?) or health risks (BSE mad cow disease) Using SureFood® ANIMAL ID and QUANT […]

  • Easy examination of a successful DNA extraction

    Allergens, GMO and/or animal DNA often are not detected in food samples. To avoid false–negative results a few controls are recommended. Positive control shows that the real-time PCR system works, inhibition control shows there is no false–negative result caused by inhibition. But how to exclude that the result is caused by an incorrect DNA extraction? […]

  • SureFood® ANIMAL ID – new products with the beginning of 2016

    Since many years CONGEN offers well established qualitative SureFood®ANIMAL ID real-time PCR kits. Over the years requirements from users had change. Regarding this requirements CONGEN had developed the SureFood®ANIMAL ID IAAC system during the last years. IAAC stands for Internal Amplification and Animal Control. A distinct animal species is detected sensitively in a defined detection […]