SureFood® ANIMAL ID – new products with the beginning of 2016

Since many years CONGEN offers well established qualitative SureFood®ANIMAL ID real-time PCR kits. Over the years requirements from users had change. Regarding this requirements CONGEN had developed the SureFood®ANIMAL ID IAAC system during the last years. IAAC stands for Internal Amplification and Animal Control.
A distinct animal species is detected sensitively in a defined detection channel. An additional detection channel is used to detect the IAAC. Using the SureFood®ANIMAL ID IAAC kit allow users statements about presence of animal DNA, containing animal species and inhibition – generated with one real-time PCR run. A new and innovative system to make the animal speciation by real-time PCR more significant.
Based on the benefits of the IAAC products CONGEN decided to reduce the range of kits and to eliminate the qualitative SureFood®ANIMAL ID kits without IAAC with exception of SureFood®ANIMAL ID Pork SENS PLUS (S6017).

An overview of the new portfolio you can find here.Schafherde-900x369If you have further requests, please contact us using the contact form.

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