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Detection of Salmonella within 18 – 26 h

Diagnostic findings of Salmonella positive food in the summer season are not unusual. Therefore it is not surprising that different types of food were found Salmonella positive.

Overview of current recalls worldwide:

To protect consumers and avoid expensive and defamatory recalls, fast, sensitive and specific methods are necessary.

CONGEN offers SureFast® Salmonella ONE a ready-to-use kit which contains reagents for DNA extraction and real-time PCR.

With the use of  SureFast® Salmonella ONE Salmonella DNA can be easely extracted from enrichment cultures with rare material costs and little effort. Extracted DNA can be used directly for real-time PCR analysis. Within 2 hours the results are available.

Using this method guaranties fast analysis of raw materials, semi-finished products and final products and enables fast approvals to start trading.

How does it work?

Aliquots of enriched samples (buffered pepton water) will be taken and extracted with a specific lysisbuffer within 15 minutes. Inhibitory substances will be removed and DNA can be used directly for real-time PCR. The real-time PCR method is based on the salmonella detection and an inhibition control to avoid false negative results. The real-time PCR method is external validated by AOAC and Microval and can be used on all common cyclers.

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