Personalized Medicine

  • Customised solutions for individual questions

  • One patient is not equal to all patients – Due to the personal genetic constitution of each individual not everybody is responding equally well to the same kind of therapy. Accordingly, the same kind of disease may have various causes in different people. Personalized medicine aims to identify these sources and to adapt the treatment to the individual needs. Modern diagnostics enables physicians also to take into account the genetic, molecular and cellular specifics of a patient and to precisely determine the right therapy. Based on current studies CONGEN develops highly specific rapid test systems both by in-house research and by customer order and efficiently contributes in this way to the therapy concept of personalized medicine.

  • Genotyping

    Genotyping allows to predictively generating individual risk profiles for patients prior to the emergence of clinically detectable disease symptoms and to individually adapt therapy measures

    CONGEN real-time PCR assays facilitate the quick and reliable diagnosis of thrombophilia and metabolic disorders such as the targeted selection of appropriate medication and dosage recommendations.

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  • Companion Diagnostics

    According to the definition of the proposal for an EU regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices companion diagnostics means a device specifically intended to select patients with a previously diagnosed condition or predisposition as eligible for a targeted therapy.

    With our molecular genetic diagnostic tests the individual disposition of a patient can be determined in advance, which forms the basis for a specific, effective therapy.

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  • Nucleic acid based Biomarkers

    As a pioneer in this field the CONGEN Biotechnology GmbH develops due to nucleic acid-based biomarkers highly specific and sensitive real-time PCR screening tests. These systems enable early minimal invasive diagnostics (e. g. ‘liquid biopsy’) of oncological diseases.

    We are happy to develop for you customized assays according to your individual specifications. Please contact us.

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