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  • As the most important foodstuff, drinking water is subject to particularly strict quality requirements. Regular monitoring of microbiological drinking water quality is necessary to satisfy this requirement. Short analysis times are vital to minimise the risk to health. Analysis using our SureFast® water testing products only takes a few hours, whilst obtaining results using traditional methods can take several days. CONGEN products can be used with all available real-time PCR cyclers.

multiplex products

  • SureCycle®

    System Verification

    order ID F4001

    category: device calibration, multiplex

  • SureFast® Parasitic Water Panel 4plex

    Detection of Giardia intestinalis, Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium Spp.

    order ID F5506

    category: multiplex

  • SureFast® Legionella 3plex

    Detection of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila

    order ID F5505

    category: multiplex

  • SureFast® Norovirus / Hepatitis A 3plex

    Detection of genogroup I + II and Hepatitis A virus

    order ID F7124

    category: multiplex

other products

  • SureFast® Enterobacteriaceae Screening PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F5507

    category: Screening

  • SureFast® Clostridium perfringens PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F5123

    category: detection

  • SureFast® Escherichia coli PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F5157

    category: detection

  • SureFast® Hepatitis A PLUS

    according to DIN CEN ISO/TS 15216-2

    order ID F7125

    category: detection

  • SureFast® Legionella pneumophila PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F5501

    category: detection

  • SureFast® Legionella Screen PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F5502

    category: detection

  • SureFast® Norovirus PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F7001

    category: detection

  • SureFast® PREP DNA/RNA Virus

    order ID F1051

    category: extraction

  • SureFast® Pseudomonas aeruginosa PLUS

    (PLUS = internal control)

    order ID F5503

    category: detection

  • SureFast®PREP Aqua

    order ID F1023

    category: extraction

  • SureTaq - Hotstart Taq Polymerase

    1000 units

    order ID F4004

    category: PCR reagents

In addition to all methods available as product CONGEN offers further complex analysis. As part of the food analysis customers can order service for particular and uncommon issus. The full servicerange and further informations  you find here CONGEN Servicelab. Please contact us if you are interested in special products for use in your laboratory.

To commission a laboratory examination, please use the CONGEN online order form.

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