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  • Manufacturer and competence laboratory

  • CONGEN Biotechnologie GmbH provides solutions to complex problems in the fields of food, feed and water analysis, veterinary diagnostics and clinical diagnostics. We offer our clients the following options in the fields of food & feed, veterinary diagnostics and water:

    On the one hand we offer  SureFast® and SureFood® products for use in private laboratories, on the other we provide CONGEN services for result verification or matrix validation.

    RIDA®GENE products are also available through our sales partner R-Biopharm.

  • Food Analysis

    CONGEN  provides procedures in the field of foodstuff analysis for the detection of allergenic substances, genetically engineered modifications, microorganisms, and for animal and plant species identification. Our detection services are also being expanded into the field of veterinary diagnostics.

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  • Clinical Diagnostics

    Products in our clinical range include detection kits in the field of nosocomial and respiratory diagnostics, sexually transmitted diseases, stool diagnostics and periodontitis diagnostics. The detection methods we provide are produced in accordance with medical standards (DIN ISO 13485).

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  • Personalized Medicine

    Personalized medicine aims to identify these sources and to adapt the treatment to the individual needs. Modern diagnostics enables physicians also to take into account the genetic, molecular and cellular specifics of a patient and to precisely determine the right therapy.

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