New productline concerning personalized medicine

Each patient has an individual disposition – physical constitution, age and mental factors. Disease symptomes can vary depending on the dispositon and genetic predisposition. With appropriate diagnostic methods genetic constitution can be determined and effective therapies prescribed.

CONGEN develops and optimizes together with experienced partners special diagnostics methods, which are offered as ready-to-use-kits to all of the customers. In the near future the product portfolio will comprise numerous products regarding

For example depressions are a global problem with approx. 350 Million people concerned (WHO) and the most common reason for long-terme sick leave and diability.

One of the first kits available in this new portfolio is called RIDA® GENE ABCBC1 and should be used for the therapie of depression. Depending on the result doctors and medical professionals are able to decide which medical treatmens and concentration of drugs should help the patient.

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Personalized medicine - CONGEN

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