Kary Mullis – the „godfather“ of PCR recently died at the age of 74

  1. August 2019 –

The American biochemist Kary Mullis, born on 28th of December 1944, died on 7th of August 2019. He became famous for his significant contribution to the development of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).  His invention has been awarded with the highly esteemed Nobel Prize in Chemistry which he received together with Michael Smith in the year 1993.

The original PCR provided the basis of all currently available PCR techniques, including real-time PCR and allows the amplification of nucleic acids. This method has established as a central technique in e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology and provides fast analysis in all areas of molecular diagnostics. CONGEN as an expert in the development of multiplex real-time PCR, developed the method further and uses it in clinical as well as food and feed diagnostics.

Dear Kary- Rest in P (CR).