EHEC Detection within 24 h

Shigatoxine-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) can cause middle to heavy illnesses like diarrhea or acute renal failure or can cause death. In 2011 5000 people come down with EHEC infection (enterohaemorrhagic E. coli) in Germany.

Currently there are some recalls of products which are contaminated with shigatoxic-producing E. coli, which might be EHEC.

Current product recalls in Germany:

Rügenwalder Teewurst, expiry 13.05.2015, detection of stx1-gene

Gillot Petit Camenbert, expiry 02.05.15, detection of stx1-gene

For the fast EHEC detection and identification in food products there is a need for validated rapid methods.

CONGEN offers two real-time PCR kits for screening and identification.

After enrichment and DNA extraction using the SureFast® PREP Bacteria Kit Art. No. F1021 stx1 and stx2 genes can be detected with the SureFast® STEC Screening PLUS Kit Art. Nr. F5105. In case of a positive result the identification of EHEC/EPEC or Shigella/EIEC is possible based on the differentiation of stx1, stx2, eae and the ipaH gene using the SureFast® EHEC/EPEC 4plex F5128 kit. Both kits include an internal amplification control to avoid false negative results.

With the use of the SureFast® STEC Screening PLUS real-time kit and/or SureFast® EHEC/EPEC 4plex real-time kit the detection STEC/EHEC within 24 h is possible.

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STEC / EHEC detection

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