Easy examination of a successful DNA extraction

Allergens, GMO and/or animal DNA often are not detected in food samples. To avoid falsenegative results a few controls are recommended. Positive control shows that the real-time PCR system works, inhibition control shows there is no falsenegative result caused by inhibition. But how to exclude that the result is caused by an incorrect DNA extraction? To answer this question CONGEN developed a control detection system, which enables users to detect and differentiate plant and animal (vertebrates) DNA.

After DNA extraction using SureFood® PREP Basic or SureFood® PREP Advanced kits or alternative methods, DNA can be analysed directly within real-time PCR. The SureFast® Animal+ Plant Control Kits F4053 , can be used for detection and differentiation of plants and animals. Therefore real-time cyclers with two different detection channels (552 nm FAM and 553 nm VIC) are neccessary. Following matrix helps to interpret results:

Tabelle Englisch

The use of the SureFast® Animal+ Plant Control kits avoids false-negative results caused by an incorrect DNA extraction and/or help to detect plant or animal DNA in food samples.

2016-04 Animal Plant Control

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